Our Escape Rooms

$30 Per Person  •  up to 10 players


West Hempstead

You've been taken against your will to be actors in my next horrifying screenplay. You have 60 minutes to make your escape and determine how this movie ends. Will you escape and survive? Or will you be the next victims in my game? How this movie ends depends on you!



*Please note that some elements of this room are scary and are not appropriate for children under the age of 13 years old. Please know that you will be handcuffed and blindfolded and must work together as a team to get yourself unlocked. 


West Hempstead

You wake up in  jail. What happened? How did you end up here? So many questions running through your head. Surely you couldn't have committed a crime. Everything from last night is a blur. All you know is that you need to escape, and soon!


Will you break out in time?

$30 Per Person  •  up to 10 players

Vanished-West Hempstead

The Amazing Balthazar has been making things disappear with his spectacular magic his entire life.  On the verge of uncovering an ancient secret, it seems as if this time he is the one that has Vanished.  You and your team must go through his belongings, uncover clues and solve the mystery of the famous missing illusionist.  Will you uncover the secret or suffer his same fate?


Can you find the Vanished Balthazar?

$30 Per Person  •  up to 10 players

The Pazzioli's -West Hempstead

Competition Escape Game. The Pazzioli's are a Mafia family that have been feuding for years. Nonna & her Cousin Vinny have been at odds and it's reached it's climax. The Grandfather, Padrino Pazzioli has had enough. You and your team must pick a side and compete in order to reunite the family. The Winners will take control of the family and lead the future generations of Mafiosos to protect "this thing of ours". Note this game has a 4 player minimum & can accomodate up to 16 players split into different teams/rooms.

Will your side win or loose?

$30 Per Person  



This maniac is not your typical serial killer.  He prefers to torture his victims. His goal is to make people understand the value & gift of life well, at least for those few who survive. He has  seen something in you and made you his apprentice. However, your devotion is yet to be tested the same and the only way he's capable of testing it!!  Will you find a way to escape?"

$35 Per Person  •  up to 10 players

Forbidden Forest-Brooklyn

While on vacation your plane unexpectedly crashes. You wake up and find your way into a forest. The spirit of Mizanuki haunts you. This place is beautiful but evil lurks, you can feel it. Will you find your way out or be stuck their forever?

$35 Per Person  •  up to 8 players

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